Twin Elements
©® Photography by Ish-i - Home Island, Vanuatu Our Freerange Early Morning View just a few meters from the Sea. “When we marry the element of truth within the spirit of what really is, the whole concept of what we understand can be seen in the eye that is single, and full of light.” ~ Irrira

Our Purpose

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Strategies... ah


Who can know they are but the simple truth of what lies bound within the very reason Twin_Elements was first unveiled

only to move between points deemed the unknown - or to others the unseen or taboo - and yet in the Light are only different.


Whether words be written or spoken, audible invisible vibrations are found within all sound and can be heard within the mind.


It is within such a frequency we are given to discern truth from error, and in the spirit of all fairness it is our purpose to open minds and irradiate any fears of what really is

for silence can be as deafening as sound when truth is heard in the light.


When a tuning fork resonates a determined frequency to be the correct vibration required for harmony, it is no different on a scale of such magnitude for a reading audience within the sound of the word.



Enjoy the journey.

 ©® Irrira Rikki



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Irrira Rikki