Twin Elements

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Do we Live in Space or not ?

Why is it asked 'Should humans colonize Space?' when we already do. Our planet is a part of all Outer Space!

We live on this Earth of our own Solar System, in our Galaxy inside the Milky Way, which is just a speck in the oceans of the Cosmos. Spinning daily within this same Universal area, we share with All Space, we can only speculate how, when and where as earthlings, we could colonize more.

While out there, the brave few travel, and unmanned space ships and satellites are sent into exploration, showing us just where we are in this space we speak of. We can thank our astronauts for venturing so far to bring back all they have learned, and remember those who lost their lives in trying.

Plus commend NASA and all who work together to show us more and more of our Cosmos... concluding the costs which have been incurred are by far better spent exploring, than warring here amongst our own inhabitants.

To locate further than Earth in this Space, is an extremely futuristic question. But to consider the cold hard facts, that to live in another realm we cannot yet exist within, other than very temporally in a bubble of a Space Station, leaves us still floating well into a time to come.

We are conditioned to live as we do on Earth, so it would call for more than just preparing our physical bodies for other arenas we do not yet know where. It would entail being enlightened without doubt, that we are physiologically capable of living in a Space which may turn out to be as different as a fish would be out of it's own medium of water.

Mentally we have much to learn yet about how to live with one another first. Our very natures are not ready to not clash for such a long period in SpaceTime - to call it another home - or live without our indulgent materialistic ways. To begin again from scratch and exist elsewhere, we first have to understand what would be required, in every respect.

It's not as if we can just take everything we own on earth - as did our forefathers when moving to their new living space onto other lands - but to begin 100% again. This would include a non existent monetary system, as any currency of Earth would be of no value on another planet. Are we ready to leave all that and call it history? Such a relocation would be an absolute new shift in consciousness of how to live at all.

We also need the more advanced technology - as Light Craft - to even be transported, in order to live in this Space if we are going to be around to enjoy locating anywhere.

The only reason for now we shouldn't colonize further into Space, is because we still have to master living in peace on this planet. We are learning more all the time, but in truth still have to find ways to clean it up, and better protect it. Understand it 100%, so we can be completely educated in what we have, before we tackle anything we don't know.

It would be like unleashing the nuclear issue all over again, without knowing how to utilize the still very available energy of the radio-active waste safely, before harming humanity and our planet first. It seems we leave our own footprints for our children to inherit, and we are gone, before they are even safe.  What about them?

But there is no reason why we couldn't... when we are ready in every sense of the word. Sacred texts and Indigenous Folk speak of those who came down from the stars and returned!

Why do folk make an issue so complex when the truth is so simple? 

Fear of the unknown... or fear for themselves in their own comfort zones called lack of faith and twisted knowledge ?

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" And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am."

 John 14:3

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