Twin Elements

And so the children cry ........... " Let us Live! "


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We fight for our life. We kill to live. Whether in a hospital or on the war front, here life is worth living. But to say why... are many stories. Despite what life throws at us, we fight to survive. We get tangled in the whole web of our lives, through sheer living, yet many try to give up the struggle and become untangled.

Just a drop in the ocean of everyone’s heart – we find Compassion and Reason to give voice to a Cause for the People who suffer – and we Care enough to Stand beside them in their struggles to Live.

One way we can help anyone one in need is to go to the Source of a Problem many face. Man-made problems of greed to expand their own empty empires of heartless giants who reach into the very lives through the very breath and mouths of the thirsty and hungry rightful Land Owners. The original Guardians who care for the very earth they live on. 

One drop in the Cause of “ Water is Life “ reaches out to those in the pathway of such giants.

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After the way humans are blamed for the rubbish they throw out we are also shamed for the rubbish that is created + collected & becomes landfill.

While floods & tsunamis flush everything out to sea & damage what's under that too. Life on Earth is very fragile thanks to human life.

Water find its own gravity over through or in anything related to Earth while Earth steels itself against the onslaught of space rubbish created by humans on Earth……….. including underground.

We surely do inherit the earth our ancestors have left us, and it surely is a truth that “suffer the little children”. What future has been offered them ?

Think..... it might be a new experience!

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"Suffer the little children." How Dare the guilty judge this one !

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No Fake News

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If Nostradamus is worth believing why not some of the histosical earlier visionaries - prophets - like Malachi ? 4:1  "the day comes, that shall burn as an oven"

And if Space Time is irrelivant in 'earth's 24 hour day clock', why can't a 1000 years be as one day in ' Space beyond the Earth' ?  

And why is the human race heating up the earth's atmophere with all they create like no other time recorded, yet blaming it on "Climate Change" ?

The Change they themselves are creating to the Climate! 

Whether we like it or not we can never change The Word which comes True.

The Truth has never failed me. I believe the the Prince of Peace who simply said "Follow me".

There is 'Hope' for the Earth in the end, and for All who are not it's destroyers, because he also foretold "Blessed are the meek, because they will inherit the earth!" ~ Matthew 5:5

But! ' Meek does not = weak'. 

It takes Courage to be Humble as well as Strong enough to believe against all odds that All things are possible for the Good of All.

The Badge they wear can be seen in the Light of Truth + they don't have to wave their own Victory Flag because their work speaks for them. 

....... and their name is not 'Destruction'.

But > Egos < always bite the dust, and take down anyone who follows them for their own earthly profits. 

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