Twin Elements

Paradise - A State of Being

©® Ish-i and Irrira


               ~* PARADISE  PEACE *~
    It's a Pearl that glows as sunshine in water.
    Treasure it... for you cannot pick it up.
             If you try... 
    It will slip right through your fingers!
                                                                                      ©®  Quote by Irrira


Irrira's Footprint Photo ®© by ish-i

       Don't be afraid to follow us... It's a journey to a 

Whole New Beginning

All good things take time  
to prepare. Your patience can only
wait and see' !

  ©® Ish-i & Irrira

®© Irrira & Ish-i - Vanuatu
Enjoy the Journey of  the undying Faith 
of a Peace Warrior
who started in paradise  
and found a Friend... on Earth.


Peace at Sunset with Happy Island Laughter every evening in the background.
©® Vidoe & voice by Ish-i when Irrira arrives to see....... Our Peacefull Swimming Hole just meters away from Our Home.